Ten Tips to What To Wear For Your Summer Family Photo Session

Ten Tips to What To Wear For Your Summer Family Photo Session


What To Wear For Your Summer Family Photo Session

1.  Plan AHEAD, like two weeks, try on the clothes- do they fit? flatter? comfortable?

2.  Coordinate, don’t match.  To each their own but I much prefer the look of color/pattern coordination than matching colors or outfits

3.  Dress like yourself, seems obvious but I have people dress very formal and they aren’t formal people, later this photo won’t capture the essence of your family

4.  Avoid large busy pattern or excessively bright colors.  Wear the clothes don’t let them wear you.

5.  Mom, take extra time to do your hair or make-up (splurge and have it done or ask a friend) most often the moms are upset with how they look because they focus on the family and not themselves.

6.  Shoes, are they comfortable?  can you walk, run, stand easily.  Seriously.  Kids too.

7.  Accessories make the outfit/photo.  Jewelry, a hat, a flower headband, a bow-tie, funky socks.  An accessory in the photo that fits the personality will add to the depth of interest in the photo.

8.  If kids are young bring a back-up outfit.  Its quite a mess when food or wardrobe malfunctions bring down a session.

9.  Avoid “character clothing” or clothing with large logos.  It will look like you are selling something.  Unless you REALLY love comic book characters (which I’ve totally had happen) leave the batman shirt for another day.

10.  Have fun! (this isn’t really about what you wear, but kind of) don’t stress over hair perfection and straight belts.  Let our photographer play and interact with the kids and family.  He/she will give direction if something needs to be fixed.  You let go of control, you’ve hired your photographer and they will ask for help when they need it!

I’m sharing a few color combos I love as well as some recent families that nailed their family looks.

Summer color coordination inspiration HERE.

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